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Genealogical data
of the families Loves, Gruijters, Jacobs and Schmeitz

This site, with less detailed information than the french and german and in particular the dutch versions, has been developed with the only objective to share my knowledge with other interested people. Please don't spare me your remarks or critics!
On the other hand I would apreciate very much if you would be so kind to let me know whether you have any related information.

Descendants of Wilhelmus Gruitters (updated February, 19th 2007)
Descendants of Gerhard Henrich Loves (updated November, 1st 2008)
Descendants of Antonius Jacobs (updated February, 19th 2007)
Descendants of Wijnand Schmeitz (updated February, 19th 2007)

Pedigree of Wilhelmina Jacobs
Pedigree of Wilhelmus Loves

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